Creating your own Midsummer Customs

Creating your own Midsummer Customs to enjoy alone or with friends   Here are a few ideas for creating your own Midsummer customs. It is the longest day of the year. There are 12 hours of daylight. Go camping. Go out into the woods or up into the mountains or down to the beach. Find … Continue reading Creating your own Midsummer Customs

Hypericum perforatum/St. Johnswort

Hypericum perforatum is sometimes called "common St John's wort" St. John's wort Medicinal Properties St. John's Wort is a tonic for the whole body. It is a gentle rather than a cathartic cleansing remedy that improves overall function and tone of the vital body systems. It strengthens and regulates the metabolism and tones the stomach, liver and … Continue reading Hypericum perforatum/St. Johnswort