Thistledown – Midsummer Bedlam 8

Looking forward to the next installment of this amazing tale!

Samhain~Halloween Customs and Practices

This major festival has several aspects. It is considered the third (meat) harvest, New Year’s Eve, the Day of the Dead (the dead are honored as they were by the ancient Celts & Egyptians and even now in Mexico) and a night that the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds is thinnest. It is … Continue reading Samhain~Halloween Customs and Practices

Creating a Scrying Mirror

 Great Samhain Craft:Creating a Scrying Mirror Take a small, 4×6  medium 5×7 or 8×10 photo frame, cleanse, remove glass and paint glass with black enamel, [place on a raised surface to paint,] try to cover completely with a single layer, leave to dry. While your glass is drying decorate your frame. It is best if … Continue reading Creating a Scrying Mirror


Cauldron a symbol of Samhain The witches cauldron is a symbol  of Samhain. The witches cauldron — a staple of any witches work and magic — is an important magical tool that combining symbolism of the elements of air, fire, water, and earth. Its shape is representative of Mother Nature, and its three legs correspond to … Continue reading Cauldron


Scrying for Beginners   It is said that Samhain is one of the best times to do divination so this Samhain try your talent for scrying. It is best done at night.You can use your cauldron for this. a black cauldron or black bowl works best for this. Fill the cauldron about two thirds full … Continue reading Scrying