28 Creative Ways to Store (and Display) Your Jewelry

New Medium — Creative Transcendence

I started making art with alcohol inks a few months ago. I had been painting with acrylic and watercolor, but I had never tried the inks and really had no idea how they worked… Passing through Edmonton, I stopped at the Paint Spot (a mecca for the art supply enthusiast – me! me! me!) […] via … Continue reading New Medium — Creative Transcendence


Trees have long life spans, but eventually they too die of old age or succumb to diseases or get damaged in thunderstorms and hurricanes. When trees in urban spaces die and show signs of toppling over or breaking off, the city might decide to remove them for the safety of those around. The remaining stumps […] … Continue reading CARVING DEAD TREES INTO PUBLIC ART

Italian Pastry Chef Turns Desserts Into Miniature Worlds




Italians have strong traditions in making amazing foods, and pastry chef Matteo Stucchi is playing his part to keep the Italian kitchen on top. He’s doing it by creating intricate desserts that look just like miniature worlds frozen in time.

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Ways to Reuse Wine Bottles


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How To Cut Glass Bottles

Bottle cutting may seem like a difficult project for the novice DIYer but is actually easier than one might think. With the proper bottle cutter, a few supplies you likely already have on hand at home, and these easy steps you can make your own set of bottle wine glasses, beer bottle vases and more!

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