Winter Holiday Shopping with Ravenhawks’ and Friends

Winter Holiday Shopping with Ravenhawks'

Winter Holiday Shopping from your seat

Winter Holiday Shopping with Ravenhawks'

Today in my little town we received our first significant snowfall of the season. Not much snow 2-3 inches, but it was beautiful, I am one of those people who love this time of year. I love winter. I spend more time outdoors in the winter than in the summer. I love everything about this season, hot chocolate, a fire in the fireplace, and the smell of fresh-baked bread, cookies, and pies. I enjoy the winter holidays, but right now my thoughts are on shopping for gifts for those on my Yule list, and those who have birthdays coming up that in our family means two gifts, not one. I also shop for Christmas and all the other winter holidays that my rather extensive group of family and friends celebrate. Now even though I love the winter holidays I prefer shopping from my seat instead of on my feet.

Some of my favorite shops to visit online for gift ideas are:

The Witchy Way: You will find Spiritual Jewelry, Natural Gemstones, Incense Burners, Rune Sets, Altar Boxes, Candle Snuffers, Besoms, Medicine Bags, Cedar, and much more for your magickal needs!

T3Body Mind and Soul: You will find Spiritual Jewelry, Natural Gemstone Jewelry, Chakra Jewelry, and more!

Nature Faery: You will find acorn necklaces, home decor, door hangers, wreaths, sun catchers, and more all made from products from the Earth!

Kamberlyn Whimsical Art: Fun, whimsical and colorful, paintings are available on a variety of items, from coffee mugs to pillows, tote bags to phone covers, and lots more.

NishaDesai1: You will find eclectic Art and Design Wall Art, Furniture, Art Prints, Home Decor, Tech, Apparel Bags, Bed and Bath products, and much more.

Nisha Desai Art: Purchase canvas prints, framed prints, and more featuring artwork from Nisha Desai.

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