Immortal Angel (Argeneau #31) by Lynsay Sands

Immortal Angel

(Argeneau #31)


Lynsay Sands

Immortal Angel addresses Ildaria Garcia’s life. Ildaria’s story began 200 hundred years ago when she was very young. She was in what she believed to be a fight for her life, she bit a vampire and by so doing turned herself accidentally. She has been on the run ever since believing the vampire wanted revenge. Immortal Angel brings you into the present where IIdaria recent exploits as an avenging angel have bought her to the attention of the Enforcers. As a result, she has made her way into the Argeneau family and is currently living with Marguerite, who seems to specialize in matchmaking.
As luck would have it, Marguerite has found Ildaria’s lifemate in the form of Green Giant, better known as G.G., who owns and runs The Night Club. A vampire bar for everyone. One of the few mortals to know about vampires. As a human who watched his own mother go through the transformation at a very young age, he refuses to change even for his life mate. Ildaria takes a job as GG’s bookkeeper only to have the past that she has been running from finally catch up with her.
This is another great book from Lindsay Sands that gives you another look at the Argeneau family and is good for some excitement and laughs. It also touches on the subject of women’s safety it was coming to the rescue of women in trouble and getting caught on video doing so that bought Ildaria to the attention of the Enforcers.

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