The Delta Pearl 33 — Chaperone

Thanks for another great chapter Teagan. I hope the lovebirds get a little time to explore.

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Saturday, May 16, 2020 

steampunk woman green corset riverboat PixabayImage by Teagan R. Geneviene, sourced via Pixabay

In the Victorian Era, someone’s dear friend was their chuckaboo.  So welcome back, my chuckaboos! 

When I first wrote The Delta Pearl, I wasn’t satisfied with the story.  So I’m using this serial as a means of rewriting it. I’m also adding random reader things to keep the paddlewheel turning.  With this episode, I was able to use three reader things! 

First we have Bottled Tears from Diana Wallace Peach.  Next, Fraggle suggested Watch Camera.  Then, very early in this voyage, Tim Price gave us Paper-strip Film.  I hope you’ll check out their amazing blogs.

Last time, the steampunk riverboat showed that she has an unexpected level of awareness. The Delta Pearl actually seemed to flirt with our young inventor, Victor.  Will our potential lovebirds ever get off the riverboat?  Or will something…

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