Stop Gossip Spell and Remove Negativity! by Silver RavenWolf

Silver RavenWolf

Day61 During the summer months, place Begonias at the front door to keep negativity from entering the home and stop jealous neighbors from flapping their gums about you!  The Begonia also encourages intuition and psychism.

Pennsylvania Folk Magick is my passion — Braucherei? (also locally called Pow-Wow) — I could talk for hours!  Perhaps it is because it recalls a time when I was very little and enjoyed visits to the farms of friends and relatives.  Or maybe because it is a practical system of living, of always having what you need because you used what you had.  Red or blue thread.  Brown paper.  Quilting designs to draw harmony to the family.  Eggs.  String.  Stone.  Magick in every bone, flower, and animal.  The Moon in the signs, barn paintings, and herbal remedies — who would have thought that such simple things packed such amazing power!

Here is a great working to…

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