Day 12 – Mini Release Program – March by Silver RavenWolf

Silver RavenWolf

day12 This lovely painted rock was created by a coven sister from New York.  I place it at the top of my Yoga mat to remind me of the amazing expanse of the cosmos.

Greetings and a fine day to you!

Today’s Challenge!  Evil Be Gone — we are in Day 12 of quarantine and we may be feeling a little grumpy.  In the home, it has been my experience that negative energy sticks in pockets of glop where you least expect them.   Sure, if there has been an argument at the dinner table you can feel the animosity there and need to cleanse it; but, what about those private fears, irritations, or angry thoughts that we don’t let out verbally.  They are the same powerful feelings that pulse all around us.  For example, it is day 12 of confinement and every day you’ve been a good person and taken out…

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