Day 11 – Mini Release Program – March by Silver RavenWolf

Silver RavenWolf


Good Day to you!  And a bright and shining day it is!

Today’s Challenge:  Clutter Day!

You’ve been stuck in your living area for how long?  Yeah.  And the more people you have under roof, the messier it gets, especially if you live with a house-litter-bug.  This is a person who constantly leaves trash in their wake — empty juice bottles, banana peels, plastic wrappers off of Goddess-knows-what, right?  You should be employed by waste management.  The problem with all this junk is that it draws negative energy to it just like a fly trap.  This gross energy collects…and then grows.   Eeeek!

Today’s challenge functions in two parts:  I call it — The Great Clutter Run!  With garbage bag in hand, for half an hour zoom around your living area, getting rid of trash, picking up junk, and putting things in their proper place — for every object…

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