Day 5 – Mini Release Program – March 2020 by Silver RavenWolf

Silver RavenWolf

chickentoilet When something so insignificant brings great joy.

Day Five – Mini Release Program
by Silver RavenWolf

Greetings to ya and super big hugs!  So we are in Day Five here at the hearthstone where they have closed everything in our area that is non-essential.  The dog and I spent part of the afternoon sitting in the sun meditating on healing, enjoying the unusually warm temperatures while my husband played a video game and watched cartoons in his man-cave.  Sometimes you’ve gotta “just chill”.

I’ve purposefully been a little wishy-washy in posting the Moon in the Signs and other astrological information in this mini-program because sometimes the information becomes a deterrent for folks who join late in the game.  They think, “Oh, that says the moon was in such-and-such, so I guess I can’t do this program because that was days ago,” which isn’t the case at all.  Granted, I live…

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