Beltane: May Basket

Beltane: May Basket

Beltane: May Basket

May Basket
May basket may be a flower gathering basket or any small basket such as a basket used for Easter.
Now choose the fresh flowers you want to share.
Here are some flowers and their meanings these are not magickal meanings but the hidden meaning assigned to them.
Flower ~~~~ Meaning
Azaleas ~~~ Nearness
Bachelor Buttons ~~~ Work, Individuality
Buttercup ~~~ Friendship
Blue Bells~~~ Protection
Camellia~~~ Company, Gatherings
Clematis ~~~ Security, Steadfastness
Cowslip ~~~ Secrets
Crocus ~~~ Birth, Rebirth
Daffodills~~~ Communication of secrets
Daisy~~~ Simplicity
Hawthorn~~~ Divination
Heather~~~ Powerful woman
Heliotrope~~~ Wellness and vitality
Honeysuckle~~~ Fertility
Honesty~~~ Honesty
Iris~~~ Frail but hearty
Jasmine~~~ Night rendezvous
Lady’s Slipper~~~ Wealth
Lily~~~ Purity, Life
Lily of the Valley~~~ Death, Change
Lupin~~~ Passion
Magnolia~~~ Unfolding events
Morning Glory~~~ Quickness, First
Mum~~~ Affection
Myrtle~~~ Remembrance
Orchid~~~ Promises kept
Pansy~~~ Weakness
Petunia~~~ Gentleness, shyness
Primrose~~~ Modesty, guardianship
Queen Anne Lace~~~ Gentleness, Quiet strength
Rhododendron~~~ In waiting
Rose, Red~~~ Love, Fidelity
Rose, Pink~~~ Youth
Rose, Yellow~~~ Infidelity
Rose, White~~~ Silence
Snapdragons~~~ Power, Man
Sunflower~~~ Power, Strength,
Snowdrops~~~ Children
Tulips~~~ Constancy
Verbena~~~ Motherhood
Violets, Purple~~~ Fidelity
Violets, White~~~ Betrayal
Water Lily~~~ Other-worldliness, Dreams
Wintersweet~~~ Eternity

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