Beltane Blessings

"The new earth quickens as you rise. The May Queen is waiting. Feel the pulsing ground call you to journey, To know the depths of your desire. The May Queen is waiting. Moving through the night, the bright moon's flight. In green and silver on the plain. She waits for you to return again. Do … Continue reading Beltane Blessings

Beltane — Ravenhawk’s Magickal Products

Magickal Gardens Beltane reminds us that warmer weather is just ahead, It is getting time for those of us in the North-Eastern section of the US to start thinking about gardening. even if you have no room to plant a garden, container gardens are possible. Some of the herbs that will grow readily indoors or… Beltane … Continue reading Beltane — Ravenhawk’s Magickal Products

Beltane Customs and Practices

Bringing in the May In old England, the young people went out into the woods on May Day Eve and stayed all night, returning in the morning, laden with flowers and green branches. The Puritan writer, Philip Stubbes, has an interesting way of explaining the nature of the sacred rites which took place in the … Continue reading Beltane Customs and Practices


The word Beltane corresponds to the modern Irish Gaelic word Bealtaine, the name of the month of May, and to the Scottish Gaelic word Bealtuinn meaning May Day.Other names For the Day and the celebrations are:May 1: Rudemas/Roodmas, Rood Day (the Christian term for Rood Day), St. Walburga's Day; Beltane, May Day, Cetsamhain (opposite Samhain), … Continue reading Beltane

Self-Care Inspired by the Wheel of the Year

OCTOBER 28, 2021 BY TIFFANY LAZIC READ TIME: 9 MINS In times of confusion, challenge, and crisis the encouragement to pay attention to one's own self-care is often heard coming from many quarters. And yet, these are the very times when, with so much of upheaval and disequilibrium all around, even the smallest act of self-nurturing can … Continue reading Self-Care Inspired by the Wheel of the Year