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When it comes to cocktails, most people probably focus on alcohol that goes into them. While alcohol is one of the major components in cocktails, you can take yours to the next level by adding various ingredients. Things such as garnishes, rims adornments, herb-infused syrups, and bitters can dramatically change the taste and flavor of a cocktail. However, herbs remain the most underrated when it comes to mixing cocktails.

Pair Herbs & Drinks Wisely

There is no reference point when it comes to adding herbs to cocktails. In fact, mixing cocktails is more of an art. It thrives on creativity. However, some pairings work best as compared to others. As for mint, it can be used in any drink, since it’s more of a universal herb. As for the others, it’s advisable to use this formula.

  • Mix rosemary with citrusy and sweet drinks.
  • Basil works well with light spirits such as…

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