Herbs of Mars

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Energizers and An Activating Potion

S Y M B O L S  OF  M A R S

Archetypally, Mars embodies the manner in which we bring ideas, dreams, and desires into manifestation. The energy of Mars yields us the power of strength, courage and physical activity.  Astrologers see Mars as a key element to one’s drive, agility and the nature of one’s physical energy.

S A C R E D   A N A T O M Y 

Anatomically this energy corresponds with the muscular system, the motor nerves, and the production of adrenalin. Astrologers look to Mars’ placement in the natal chart to describe how we pursue many aspects of sexual fulfillment, along with how we source energy within the body and mind. Medical astrologers include the external sexual organs in correspondence to Mars.

Diseases which induce a fever are sometimes associated with Mars. Other inflammation based outbreaks, like herpes…

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