US Senate Majority Leader McConnell Just Killed Bill To Fund Military During Shut Down

Is it true that the only time the government shuts down is when the Republicans control the house and senate?

Gronda Morin

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To me it looks like the republican President Donald Trump and his fellow republicans in the White House and the US Congress are spending more time orchestrating a public relations campaign to blame the US government shut down on Democrats, rather than trying to figure a way out of the US government shutdown, after they have procrastinated for months with 3 extensions already. As the majority party in the US Congress and their man in the White House, they have failed to do their one major job which is to  develop a budget. This should have included a real attempt (not just for show)for republicans to negotiate with democrats as the democrats votes were also required for passage.

One of the talking points by republicans that has seen some traction, was that the democrats were leaving our US military soldiers without pay. In 2013, at the last shut down,  Congress…

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