Book Review: Cast in Deception (Chronicles of Elantra, #13) by Michelle Sagara

Cast in Deception (Chronicles of Elantra, #13)Cast in Deception by Michelle Sagara
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Kaylin our main character is living in a Sentient house named Helen and right now she is about to have more house guest. Her Baranni co-worker Teela and Tain want to move in. Previously Kaylin rescued Teela’s friends and two of them already live with Kaylin. Kaylin wakes up to the argument between these two house guest. Thought it is ill-advised Annarion has decided to take the Barrani Test of Names. The excitement ramps up when the other members of the group plan to also join Kaylin’s household to offer support to Annarion in his quest. No one is happy with this and the trip they will undertake will be hazardous. Not only is the journey dangerous it is possible that there will be other factors interfering with the journey that the “cohort” as Kaylin had named them plan to take. Kaylin is a Hawk so is Teela and Tain. They are part of Elantra’s law enforcement. Kaylin is worried that the cohorts have changed, they are not as they used to be. They are more with abilities that no one knows about. But to create more confusion there is a Barrani Outcast meeting with locals and that is causing trouble as well. The question is does the Barrani Outcast and the strange events in Elantra have anything to do with the journey of the cohorts.
When Kaylin and Bellusdeo visit the Keeper to get answer things go wrong fast. The Elemental water grabs Kaylin and Bellusdeo and drops them in the area that the cohort is in. However, to add to the issue the cohort have gone missing and no one can reach them. Bellusdeo is a dragon and she is now in the middle of Barrani territory. The Barrani like the dragons are immortals with very long memories that includes a war between the Barrani and the Dragons.
This story is filled with all the excitement that I expect from Michelle Sagara. This is # 13 in the Chronicles of Elantra and it is an excellent read with Kaylin our Heroine doing the unexpected and leaving everyone on the edge of their seat hoping that she survive and do not start another war.
If you have read the rest of the series then you must read this one. If you have not read the rest of them and you are looking for a good fantasy series this series will tick all the boxes. Action, Barrani, Dragons, Magic, Shadow and more.

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