Scraps cookery show puts food waste on the dining table

Great Idea we do waste a lot.

Life & Soul Magazine

Working with food waste is becoming the norm rather than the exception to the rule in kitchens the world over – from home kitchens, local restaurants to upscale eateries. Now food waste is the feature of a new cookery TV show, Scraps.

In Scraps, Sur La Table chef Joel Gamoran sets out on a road trip around the US to inspire people to turn kitchen scraps into unforgettable meals.

The chef is joined by other chefs to create menus made from often-tossed items, like herb stems, broccoli stalks and chickpea water.

Joel Gamoran takes viewers to cities including Charleston, S.C., Brooklyn and Portland, Ore., to work with local chefs and ingredients to make dishes that reflect each area, such as spent-grain biscuits in Asheville, S.C., and country ham ends in Atlanta.

To accompany the series which is being broadcast on the FYI network, the cookware retailer Sur La Table also have…

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