Plaine Products: Turning bathrooms plastic-free with their Return, Refill, Reuse model

Great Idea!

Life & Soul Magazine

A bathroom free of plastic bottles and containers is becoming so, thanks to a new beauty brand and service, Plaine Products. Plaine Products, focused on eliminating the use of plastic, has created a unique service providing environmentally friendly bathroom products – which currently consists of all natural shampoo, conditioner and body wash – to customers in returnable, refillable and reusable bottles.

The idea is that customers purchase products via Plaine Products’ online store. The bathroom products come in sustainable packaging including aluminium containers, and are shipped in recycled cardboard boxes. Once a customer has finished using their products, Plaine Products will send a refill, and the exact same box, which they are delivered in, can then be used to return the empty bottles for free.

Plaine Products then clean, sterilise and refill the bottles, before sending them out to customers for use, creating a loop that has minimal waste. When…

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