The Healers Stone ~ Peridot


Peridot has been used as a Power Stone for centuries. Peridot fosters emotional balance and helps us heal from past emotional wounds. It clears the pathway to the heart and heals damaged egos. Anger, jealousy, bitterness, and irritation are usually a result of wounded hearts (and sometimes, a wounded EGO). Peridot helps us move past the hurt, and understand our relationships. It adds intelligence to our romantic situations, giving us a bit of common sense in affairs of the heart, and protecting us from unnecessary heartache.

Peridot is a particularly good stone for “healing the healers”. Peridot helps people who work in the healing field by cleansing their auras and releasing and neutralizing toxins on all levels. Peridot purifies the subtle bodies and mind. It opens, cleanses and activates the heart and solar plexus chakra.

via The Healers Stone ~ Peridot–Good Witches Homestead

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