MacRebur: Plastic roads pave the way for the future

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People all over the world are coming up with innovative ways to reuse plastic in order to help protect the environment, now Scottish start-up, MacRebur, has found a way of crafting roads from recycled plastic.

Over 40% of plastic sits in landfill sites across the globe. A considerable amount of plastic waste also ends up in our waterways – including oceans and rivers. When it comes to repairing road networks – including potholes – around the world, millions are spent on projects each year.

Engineer Toby McCartney has come up with a simple solution – a patented formula, known as MR6, which uses waste plastic to build roads.

Taking a mix of waste plastics, pelletising them and adding them into the making of an enhanced asphalt road, MacRebur use a patented method and recipe to produce new road asphalt out of waste plastic – a process that creates a longer lasting, cheaper road surface…

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