What Food Expiry Dates Really Mean? [Infographic]

Every year, people throw away millions of tonnes of food they deem not safe to eat. They often check the expiration date, and if the date has passed, the food ends up in the bin. Is our lack of understanding of food labels contributing to food waste?


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    Ravenhawks Magazine with the frightening facts behind Food Expiry Dates. Whilst there is every reason with some foods to respect the best used by dates for health reasons.. such as for shellfish and chicken.. most foods thrown away because of that date are part of the marketing cycle not food cycle. Basics that you buy every week are the bread and butter for the food industry and they have no inherent interest in you keeping them in your fridge for too long! I buy most of my meat in the Must Sell by Today sections in the supermarket and then freeze. Also nothing irritates me more than dramas on television and in films when actors elaborately prepare a meal like breakfast.. they have two bites, a bit of dialogue and then everyone dashes off set leaving full plates on the table. Thanks for sharing Ravenhawks.. an important message.