Chu Chu: Skilling up locals in turning trash in to recycled handicrafts in Myanmar

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Myanmar-based social enterprise Chu Chu is clearing up waste in a rural township of Dala and turning the trash into a colourful array of recycled artisan crafts.

Chu Chu’s aim is to transform reclaimed waste into beautiful new products. Chu Chu’s product range includes wallets, baskets, pencil cases and wine bottle sleeves made from recycled materials including plastic bags, chip packets, instant coffee sachets, bicycle tyres and car tubes.

Everything at the Chu Chu workshop in Dala, which lies south of the Yangon River in Myanmar’s commercial capital of Yangon, is carefully crafted from trash – from the building itself right down to the products that are made and sold at the workshop.

The roof is made from old tyres and the walls from glass bottles. And inside this treasure trove of recycled-trash-made-handicrafts is where you will find lampshades cut from melted plastic bags, a technique that includes forming a plastic…

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