Photography: Spring Rose Her Weary Head and Sang (Part #4)


Sumyanna Writes

Today the sun is shining, the azure sky is peeking beneath puffy white clouds.  I could not ask for more….  Okay, I would love if the kiddos weren’t sick and we are stuck indoors, but I’ll take a blue sky seen out the window over a gray sky any day!  The weather is warming up.  It is a curious time, because often it is warm enough during the day to run the air conditioner, but cold enough at night to require a heater.  I am absolutely thrilled at the warmer weather though!

I hope all of you have beautiful skies to greet you today and I hope you find a little sunshine in your heart (if you have it in higher doses, even better)!  Here are some more photographs of the time we visited the gardens in the beginning of spring.  I hope they bring as much joy to you…

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