Coachella: Festival goers guide to recycling and supporting the planet

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California’s Coachella Music & Arts Festival kick starts its 2017 offerings over two long weekends from this Thursday – 14-16 April and 21-23 April. Global Inheritance is on hand once again to jazz up the site with its artistic and creative experiences designed to encourage festival goers to recycle and do their bit to support the environment.

If you’re heading to the festival, here’s some of the fun yet simple initiatives that the Coachella festival in collaboration with Global Inheritance have devised to help festival goers have a sustainable experience.


Carpooling or car sharing is one way to reduce the impact on the environment. By car sharing – with four or more to a vehicle, the idea is that it reduces fuel costs and carbon emissions.

Carpoolchella invites four or more to a vehicle a chance to win prizes including VIP passes to Coachella for Life, guest backstage passes…

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