Jabu: Inspiring conscious change through transformative art

Life & Soul Magazine

Transformative art with a positive message is at the heart of artist Jabu’s canvases.

The South African-born artist’s bright, bold, electrifying and abstract pieces deal with themes and subject matter “for change and making a difference”. Everything from climate change, food and sustainability, endangered species, and freedom fighter Nelson Mandela are the subjects of Jabu’s work.

Jabu’s painting entitled Global Transformation uses mixed media to create a colourful depiction of the elements which are painted within a ring of symbols. Jabu explains: “When I say ‘Transformation’, I am speaking about conscious change. Changing how we look at the world through art, so we can live a conscientious life.”

Global Transformation is part of the artist’s Global Change series which includes paintings of the elements water and fire, and examines global issues including climate change and the extinction of bees.

Our Planet on Fossil Fuel shows the globe glowing in a…

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