Wilder & Harrier: Answering the Call of the Wild

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Answering the Call of the Wild

Our friends at Wilder & Harrier looked at limited global food resources and said, “Let’s find a solution.” Here’s their story. Photography by April Bencze.


We like to think that Wilder & Harrier came to be as the result of searching for the solution to a problem, the answer to a call. As 2016 came to a tumultuous end, we began to envision a future filled with the promise of necessary change. We’d like to take this minute to tell you our story, the beginning of what we see as a great adventure.

In 2013, the United Nations published a report detailing the future of food in light of shifting resources and a rapidly expanding global population. Thus, outdated systems, rendering a disservice to our planet, were being put into question. Our reliance on polluting agro-food sectors, such as chicken and beef farming, needed…

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