Bureo: Skateboards made from recycled fishing nets

Life & Soul Magazine

Skateboarders and independent skateboard manufacturers have always been one skate ahead when it comes to the environment and ways to save the planet. And that goes for Bureo too, the California based brand making skateboards from recycled fishing nets.

Many independent skateboard manufacturers are switching to sustainable wood and using recycled, reclaimed products in the development of skateboards.

Bureo on the other hand have chosen an entirely different material at its core. Made from recycled fishing nets, the California-based brand have created skateboards from this unique material in its manufacturing process.

Bureo’s recycling program in Chile, ‘Net Positive’, provides fishing net collection points to keep plastic fishing nets out of the oceans.

Bureo currently produce two skateboards – the Minnow Cruiser Skateboard and the Performance Cruiser Skateboard. Each skateboard prevents more than 30 square feet of harmful plastic fishnets from entering the oceans.

Bureo say: “Preventing harmful materials from entering…

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