Pelechecoco: Rocking the sustainable leather look

Pelechecoco: Rocking the sustainable leather look

No wardrobe is complete without a leather biker jacket, but let’s face it as darn good as leather feels or looks, it ain’t environmentally friendly given the chemicals, chemical waste and water use in making just one leather jacket.

But there’s good news for leather fans in the form of Danish Brand, Pelechecoco.

Pelechecoco is a sustainable fashion brand that recreates classic and affordable leather pieces, including jackets and bags, that are unique and good for the environment too.

To produce a new leather jacket, from beginning to end, uses 7,996 gallons of water and at least 10 different chemicals are added in the process to smooth the skins.

According to Pelechecoco, the brand uses 26 gallons of water in the production of 100 jackets, they don’t use any chemicals and no animals are killed in the process.

Pelechecoco say: “To make the choice to look after our planet really should be common sense. We should look after the things we have and reuse as many of our resources as possible. Going green/sustainable enables you to always stand out. No two pieces are ever the same and that uniqueness is given to us for free just by joining the movement and choosing to reuse these castaway goods.”

Pelechecoco: Rocking the sustainable leather look

Pelechecoco have a range of leather jackets and bags to suit all tastes. They also come in a range of colours.

For a classic twist on a leather biker, check out Pelechecoco’s longline version. Pelechecoco’s Liza jacket is a functional jacket that is ideal for all kinds of weathers and occasions.

The Liza Jacket is an elegant and sophisticated long length biker jacket constructed from 100% recycled leather.

Pelechecoco: Rocking the sustainable leather look

Pelechecoco state: ” We are dressing the world sustainably one jacket at a time and are creating a peaceful army of fashion and fabric conscious ambassadors.It is important to stand for something and standing up for using our resources wisely maximise our Planet‘s life span, and that is cool. We have a world full of materials ready to be recycled, and given a new life – without using any additional resources and further pollute our world. Our goal is to be a visionary in our field, to focus on the thought that every bag and jacket is paving the way towards a better future.

Pelechecoco is available online:

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