Psychic Development: The Basics By Lucy Byatt and Kim Roberts


Psychic Development: The Basics is a simple and easy-to-use guidebook that uses comic book-style steps to help its readers learn to tap into their intuition. A fun and insightful companion, Psychic Development: The Basics simplifies the process of learning to access those abilities through illustrations and guidance that throws wit and wisdom in to the mix, putting readers at ease in a place which for some, may be daunting.


We are born with psychic abilities and as infants and children, those abilities are in their most raw and natural state. But as we grow and become adults, those skills and abilities, unless they have been nurtured, may become dampened down or dormant. Society’s norms and conventions do not support the growth of such natural abilities as intuition, so when we are old enough and are no longer “fighting” with our inner truth, we must find our way to access those abilities again and to hone them, as well as own them once again.


Psychic Development: The Basics goes some way to helping you take that journey in becoming intently reacquainted with your psychic abilities. The book, part of the Opening2Intuition series by Findhorn Press, starts by introducing the reader to energy, which is at the crux of all life and matter as we know it. Psychic abilities essentially concern energies and having a sensory awareness of them.


In a step-by-step process, Psychic Development: The Basics takes you through exercises on how to protect, how to clear energies and how to create a sacred space in which to work intuitively and access your abilities in the safety of your own carefully crafted shields. It offers a fun and illustrative approach to teaching how to be aware energetically and subsequently open up intuitively. The book is written in a chatty and informative manner and does not use any “psychic” or “energetic” jargon, making it accessible to all ages and all abilities, which enables this guidebook to be far and wide when it comes to audience reach. It could and would sit just as easily in your child’s bookshelf, for those wanting to nurture and support their child’s psychic abilities, as it would with someone in their 30s or 40s who throughout their life have known they were psychic but were “scared” to even go there for whatever perceived reason.


Psychic Development: The Basics illustrates how various psychic development exercises work and provides workbook sheets so you can write observations as you develop in your awareness and practice of creating protective shields and of energies. The book also assists those who may not be visual to become aware via other senses such as feeling. An accompanying CD also provides guided visualizations.


The cartoon strip-like book also explores the “four clairs” although not in great detail, but given that this is simply the start of your journey in reconnecting to your psychic abilities, Psychic Development: The Basics is likely to encourage you to seek further knowledge and awareness from another source, that most likely being the one that is within you.

Psychic Development: The Basics by Lucy Byatt and Kim Roberts, published  by Findhorn Press, is available from Amazon</a> and all good book shops
Rosalind Medea is a journalist, intuitive reader and spiritual life coach. She writes about sustainable life&style, music, arts and spirituality. She also helps people find their groove in becoming their true selves and integrating their spirituality in to their daily lives. Follow Rosalind on Twitter:     


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