Log House Holidays: Eco-friendly luxury lakeside in the Cotswolds

Log House Holidays: Eco-friendly luxury lakeside in the Cotswolds

The UK’s Cotswolds-based Log House Holidays have recreated the warmth and comfort of log cabins within a picturesque, secluded setting that is likely to be on the holiday watch list of everyone from eco conscious holidaymakers, families, groups and honeymooners.

This eco-friendly, family friendly, pet-friendly holiday spot is set within a family run 130 acre nature reserve in the Cotswold’s, boasting a tranquil lake as its elemental centerpiece. Log House Holidays was set up to provide self-catering accommodation that offers a unique venue where both “conservation and totally secluded holidays would exist in harmony”.
Log House Holidays: Eco-friendly luxury lakeside in the Cotswolds
Set around the lake are eight eco-friendly log houses, each in their own secluded spot, offering a hot tub, rowing boat and unrivaled views of the centerpiece that is the lake. Privacy is the name of the game here where you can enjoy a stay with family, friends or your significant other whilst embracing the local wildlife, the woods and tranquility of the lake.

As a family run holiday spot, the owners have landscaped the site with respect to nature, having planted over 50,000 trees, wild flowers and reed beds. The eco-friendly log houses are constructed from sustainable Finnish woodlands, and with modern ground source heat pumps which extract heat from the lake, supplying the homes’ water.

An on-site solar tracking system, which is hidden away behind one of the large reed beds, provides nearly all of the electricity for the site. The log houses are decked out in antique furniture and modern appliances to give a home-from-home experience, and with the added pleasure of luxury touches throughout.
Log House Holidays: Eco-friendly luxury lakeside in the Cotswolds
A vacation at Log House Holidays, whether for staycationers from the UK or international holidaymakers to the UK, is likely to meet all your needs and desires without having to venture off site even. There’s woodlands to discover for the kids as well as those who love to walk in nature; boat rowing to perfect; and fishing for those who would like to partake. Point being there’s enough to discover at this secluded holiday joint whether you choose to vacation for a weekend or a week. There’s plenty of chill time to be had from gazing at the stars at night from the hot tub, sitting outside eating and sharing stories, toasting marshmallows on the fire pit or simply hanging out indoors at one of the eight log houses, some of which can sleep up to eight people.

With such a cross appeal in holiday maker types, there’s something here for everyone and there’s something for everyone to take away from their time spent at Log House Holidays whether it’s a stronger connection to nature, a heightened sense of how life should be, a desire to be more eco-conscious, an awareness of how one can adapt their own home to be more eco-friendly or simply good times shared with their tribe.

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