Urbana Sacs Creative Sac: Paper bag becomes a vase


Urbana Sacs Creative Sacs are sustainable alternatives to potting your plants in or for housing that beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Urbana Sacs are lightweight, durable bags made from sustainable, lightweight textiles that are manufactured through cultivation not deforestation. The patented blend of virgin pulp fiber and recycled polyester felts make the Creative Sac range strong enough to hold water in, hence being a great alternative to a traditional vase.

Urbana Sacs Creative Sac comes in a variety of sizes and colors. The metallic-effect shine color looks particularly stunning when housing a bunch of flowers.
Like fabric, Urbana Sacs Creative Sac can be washed and reused, and given that it has a multitude of uses, it is a sustainable chic accessory for use as an all rounder, be it as a vase, a desk tidy or a shopping sack.

The Los Angeles-based Urbana Sacs employ local labor resources and reclaimed design accents in its efforts to promote ethical practices and sustainability.
Urbana Sacs are available to buy online from: http://www.urbanasacs.com

Rosalind Medea is a journalist, intuitive reader and spiritual life coach. She writes about sustainable life&style, music, arts and spirituality. She also helps people find their groove in becoming their true selves and integrating their spirituality in to their daily lives. Follow Rosalind on Twitter: https://twitter.com/rosalindmedea


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