Review: A Kitchen Witch’s World of Magical Foods

Review: A Kitchen Witch's World of Magical Foods

A Kitchen Witch’s World of Magical Foods’ by Rachel Patterson (Moon Books)

 Review: A Kitchen Witch's World of Magical Foods

Food not only serves to provide sustenance for our bodies, but everything that we eat and drink has magical properties which can assist us in drawing that which we desire in life – love, health, abundance, prosperity and more. If you’re wanting to work with food in this way, ‘A Kitchen Witch’s World of Magical Foods’ by Rachel Patterson should take pride of place on your kitchen shelf amongst your most favorite recipe books.

‘A Kitchen Witch’s World of Magical Foods’ serves as a potent resource for kitchen witches both novices and advanced users. It provides a valuable introduction to the magic of food and how food, drink, herbs and spices can be charged to assist you in bringing what you desire in life. ‘A Kitchen Witch’s World of Magical Foods’ explains the “laws” of magic, so to speak, and the use of intent and visualization in order to charge foods for these purposes. Everything from coffee, oats, oranges, apples, lamb and cardamom have magical properties, and Rachel Patterson gives an overview of foods and their magical correspondences, including elemental associations. She also shares recipes that herald in the seasons and celebrate holidays.

Rachel Patterson, herself a witch and an Elder at the online Kitchen Witch School of Natural Witchcraft, writes in a friendly, informative style that is chatty, witty and eloquent. She’s direct, doesn’t mince her words and while this book is indeed very factual, it’s also a lively and enlightening read as Patterson incorporates her effervescent energy alongside the facts in a way that makes it accessible to many. She writes authoritatively and proves that a good witch, whilst incredibly powerful and knowledgeable about her craft, also has a darn good sense of humor too.

What I love about ‘A Kitchen Witch’s World of Magical Foods’ is that as soon as you open the book, it’s like the author is right there in the kitchen with you – perched on a stool at the breakfast table with a cuppa and a slice of cake – as she so profusely shares her knowledge with you.


‘A Kitchen Witch’s World of Magical Foods’ is an essential reference tool for anybody living a magical life and wanting to connect to the bigger picture at mealtimes. In this learning, ‘A Kitchen Witch’s World of Magical Foods’ also indirectly teaches you not to take food for granted on so many levels. So next time you reach for the fried chicken for lunch, don’t forget to charge it to bring you luck, or if you are needing to increase your psychic abilities, serve up macaroni cheese for din dins. Apparently pasta or what Rachel Patterson refers to as “psychic pasta” holds psychic energy so you will be doing yourself a favor.

So get yo’self in the kitchen and learn from the wisdom of ‘A Kitchen Witch’s World of Magical Foods’ and not only will you be conjuring up a great meal but simultaneously conjuring up a great life too as you charge the foods to attract to you what you want. As the saying goes “the proof is in the pudding”.

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