Light Brown and Bronze

 Colors for Lammas, Bronze and Light Brown

Colors for Lammas, Bronze and Light Brown

On a positive note, tan and light brown are the color of harvested wheat and grains, very much part of the Lammas sabbat. Our fore-bearers were working long hours now, harvesting, reaping and storing hay for the livestock, and grains for storehouses to ensure plenty of food for the long winter ahead. Although not as popular in the United States, throughout Europe sheafs of wheat are a common household decoration, gathered with a ribbon and set up on a shelf, or painted onto crockery or china. Traditionally, the wheat sheaf is an enduring emblem across the world, symbolizing abundance, good harvest and plentiful food. It is also symbolizes closeness to Gaia and a respect and appreciation for her bounty.

As a magical or healing color, light brown lacks the importance and gravitas of its agricultural counterpart. Light Brown conveys doubt, uncertainty and an unwillingness to commit. Light brown is the fence-sitter of the color spectrum, lacking all the meaning of earthy deep rich brown and its power of stability, nurturing and aid to material progress. Light brown is the color of lack of confidence, indicating a preference for invisibility or being a wall flower.

In healing, light brown auras are a good example of the caring nurturer with a practical approach to solving problems, as are all brown auras.  The lighter color brown may indicate that the aura bearer is running out of energy, or is coming to the end of a major issue in his or her life. Tan auras, like light brown, also symbolizes a depleted sense of energy.  However, a tan aura bearer tends to be less focused on feelings and emotions, and more concerned with logic and facts in order to achieve goals.

Colors for Lammas, Bronze and Light Brown

Bronze means opportunity, generosity, abundance, and protection. The combination of copper and tin makes bronze a very strong and helpful metal to have around. It’s said to protect the body, bring about wealth, and bring opportunities big and small. Brass and bronze sometimes substitute for gold, magically speaking; they convey protection and carry a similar solar/masculine tone.
Astrological: Libra
Planet: Jupiter

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