Wishing Spell, Wishing Well, Cast your Wishing Spell

Wishing Spell, Wishing Well, Cast your Wishing Spell

Wishing Spell, Wishing Well, Cast your Wishing Spell

Wishing Spell

You will need for your Wishing Spell:  A piece of yellow ribbon, a small piece of paper, concentration, a living tree,  a pen choose the color based on your wish, money=green,  joy =red,  love =red,  friends =pink  etc. Now take your time and concentrate on your wish when you have it firmly in your mind.  Write it on your piece of paper, the piece of paper needs to be small enough to roll into a scroll and tie with the ribbon.

When you have finished writing your wish, take it outside and tie it to the tree. As you tie the ribbon to the tree chant:

This simple wish is mine to cast

I speak this spell to make it last

I tie it to this tree  

Now I ask that wind and rain set it free

That my wish may come to me

So mote it be


You may use a similar process with a coin tossed into a wishing well. You would of course need to concentrate on your wish while holding the coin in your hand.  With your wish firmly in mind state: “Spirit of the Well please grant this wish for me, As I desire it so mote it be! “Toss your coin in the well and walk away.


Wishing Spell II

This wishing spell requires a small draw string bag, lavender flower, a pen with red ink, clean paper, and a very small piece of quartz crystal. Write your wish on the paper fold the paper three times place it in the bag, hold the lavender seed in your hand and the quartz crystal and charge them using these words:  “I charge this herb and stone to manifest this wish for me, I make this wish out of need not greed, beings of love and light grant this wish I wish tonight, so mote it be.”  Place the herb and Stone in the bag with your wish find a place to put the bag so it will not be disturbed. When your wish is granted take the bag burn the wish, bury the flowers and cleanse the crystal in salt.

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