The Garden, Pretty In Pink A DIY Rhubarb Cordial And A Smoothie

Lovely flowers and the food looks good as always. A bit of Lavender essential oil on your pulse points will keep you bug free, you will need to reapply often. I too am a mosquito buffet and limited to out-door time but the lavender essential oil do give me a bit more freedom.


This post is just for fun, nothing earth shattering but I have to say I am so proud that my tomato plant is doing so well, as is my basil, the zucchini is questionable but it’s living. As I have mentioned before I am not a gardener, I am pretty much the opposite, I dislike working in the backyard in dirt, I don’t like the heat or the sun beating down on me so working in my garden except on cool overcast days is out of the question. It’s torture watering in the blazing hot sun for me. Now that I got that out of my system, I am so happy that my tomatoes are doing so well. I even have cute little tomatoes. This morning I staked them because they are getting so tall. I can’t wait until they ripen,  I am just hoping the squirrels don’t abscond with…

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