Banana Bread

Awesome looking banana bread would love a slice with my coffee 🙂



I didn’t want to share this, really who needs another banana bread recipe, there are a zillion out there right? Well, this turned out so good I had to share. I tweaked the recipe I always use which is really good but this bread was outstanding. What did I do, not that much really. Added 1/2 cup spelt flour, increased the banana, added dark chocolate chips and sprinkled some homemade granola on top. The end result is really wonderful. I have to admit it’s the best banana bread I have ever made, that say’s alot because I have made MANY loaves. The recipe makes one standard size but I like to make 3 mini loaves. I had guests arriving to stay in my air bnb room so I left one loaf in the room, kept one for me and gave the other one to friends. Works out perfectly.


Banana Bread


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