When we dance together, we dissolve

Beltane Fire Society

Josh by Martin McCarthyOn the morning of Beltane Fire Festival 2016, our community is buzzing with excitement about the event that will begin in a few short hours after months of hard work. This is the perfect time to share some words from our Green Man, Josh…

The sun circles once more through the sky and the minutes slide away, bringing us closer and closer to the final hours, to the Night. The air is electric with excitement and tension, pulses quickening with anticipation and lack of sleep.

In spite of the sense that there’s never quite enough time, no-one involved has any question of the value of what we’re doing, of this tremendous outpouring of energy for a single night, because, as anyone who’s been through a Beltane will agree, it is not really about the night itself. The festival exists as a focal point, a destination to give meaning to the…

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