Roast Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Lemon & Chili Tapenade

Something Clean Something Green

This recipe is the result of one of the first recipes I made for my blog, but as I failed to write down the recipe it never made it that far! So 9 months later and after several mental re-workings, this is the finished article! As purple sprouting broccoli is in season at the moment, it seemed only right to do something a little different with this fantastic vegetable. Roasting may not immediately spring to mind, but it creates such a great flavour, and is a million miles away from the limp, water-logged broccoli that so many of us were served up for school lunches. The sauce is a bastardised hybrid of a dressing and a tapenade, with a great Mediterranean flavour kick to boot. Think of this as a pre-summer recipe, in anticipation of all the warm, sunny days that are (hopefully) to come!

I’m using some brilliant cold…

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