Notions Potions & Spells: New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Spring Equinox/Ostara is about new beginnings and rebirth, it is a time of renewal, regeneration and new beginnings for the earth and nature. Below are  Incense, Bath salts, potions and spells to help you with your own version of renewal, regeneration and new beginnings.









Ostara Incense[Scott Cunningham]

2 parts Frankincense
1 part Benzoin
1 part Dragon’s Blood
1/2 part Nutmeg
1/2 part Violet flowers (or a few drops Violet oil)
1/2 part Orange peel
1/2 part Rose petals

Ostara Incense

3 parts Frankincense
2 parts Sandalwood
1 parts jasmine
1 parts rose
¼ part lavender
1/2 part violet

[part = tablespoons]

Regeneration Potion [skin]
The winter weather sometimes take a toll on our skin causing it to become is a little potion to help with that.
1 oz wheat germ oil
11 drops patchouli oil
11 drops sandalwood oil
Mix thoroughly apply by placing a few drop on you finger tips or in your palm and rub lightly into the skin that needs regeneration.

Aries Bath Salt[also for beginning new ventures]
1 cup sea salt
10 drops basil oil
10 drops carnation oil
10 drops of ginger

Love Me Bath Salt
1 cup sea salt
8 drops rose oil
4 drops jasmine
4 drops sandalwood

Ready Made Oil for New beginnings: New Mown Hay

Sometimes a new beginning can best be done by a clean ending.

Separation Spell
If you are in a situation with another person or entity and wish to sever the relationship
with a minimum amount of stress, wait for the Dark Moon and you will need:
black candle
fireproof bowl/container
small piece of paper [large enough for two names]
Write your name and the other name on the piece of paper space  them so they may be cut apart.
Lay the paper with both names on the altar and visualize your current situation.
Now cut the names apart as you are cutting them visualize a peaceful separation each turning their back on the other and walking away. Now take the piece of paper with the other name on it and light it in the fire as it burns say We are free, I from you and you from me ,we go our separate ways in perfect peace and perfect harmony as I so will so must it be.
Dispose of the ashes when they cool let the candle burn down.