Notions Potions & Spells: Spring Equinox

Ostara/Spring Equinox  notions potions and spells bring you potions for spring scents, and Spells to bless a spring garden.

lavender vanilla








Spring fever Potion

5 drops pure vanilla [from the kitchen]

5 drops lavender essential oil

1/2 cup warm water

4 oz spray bottle

Drop the essential oil and vanilla into the 4 oz spray bottle filled with warm water shake well to combine. Spray it onto your body, and anything else you want to smell spring fresh.


Spell to Bless a Spring Garden

1 quart of milk

1/2 cup honey

small branch with newly sprouted buds

garden seeds or plants

2 stakes or sticks for each garden row

pastel ribbons [one for each stake]

Take all the material outside to the garden. Mix the milk and honey together and pour it into the container. Place the branch in the container and set it aside. Poke a stake in the ground at the beginning and end of each row then sow the seeds or set the plants. Tie a ribbon bow around each stake. saying to the seeds and plants in the row:

Perfect love, I give to you

Sprout and thrive with life anew

Pick up the container and using the branch asperge the garden with milk and honey. Consecrate saying:

Milk and honey,flow throughout

Fertilize each seed and sprout.

Maiden, Green Man, Dance and play.

Twirl and laugh here every day

Bring lush growth and green this spot 

Everywhere you skip and walk.

Water the garden thoroughly. Tend to its needs daily.

Sources: Everyday Magic by Dorothy Morrison

The Witch and Wizard Training Guide by Sirona Knight

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