Patagonia- Argentina

Experience the wonder of Nature

This is the second article I am writing about Patagonia-Argentina. Why? When I look back at my photographs of travelling there, I relive again the, gob-smacking power, magic and presence of Mother Nature. The Glaciers, the Andes, the expansive open plains, icebergs, primitive forests and dreamlike glacial lakes.

I have grown up and lived in cities and urban areas all my life. And only experienced the wonder of nature on television. Sailing along the glacial lakes was a shock to my physical and nervous system. Why? Well, I had never ever been in a massive open silent space. I was in a place of nothing but, dramatic beauty, clear bluest water, gigantic blue icebergs, glaciers and silence. It all felt surreal. I felt like a child again mouth wide open, excited and full of awe, that feeling lasted the whole day.


When ice collapsed, it was like nothing I had ever heard, it was unbelievably LOUD, Scary, exhil….a ….rating and totally took my breath away. I really felt tiny in the magnificence of nature’s theatrical display of her doing her thing and never felt so alive!

Photo of San Martin de Los Andes.IMG_2868

Seeing clouds cross over San Martin de Los Andes landscape, made me realize clouds cast shadows! Hello! Seriously, that was a first for me to notice that!


The only way to get to the Cinnamon Coloured Myrtle trees of the Arrayanes Forest is a boat ride to the southern peninsula of the park in Bariloche Lake District.


I have walked through all types of mystical forests in different countries and each time I am amazed about the variety of forests we have and how each forest has its own mood. Have you noticed that? One thing all these protected forests have in common is that they are not touched by modern society and because of that it you can really get an ancient mystical feel about them.

Back home in my City and its population of 9 million, looking at my photos of Patagonia, I can relive my wonder of nature again and again.


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