Ostara Egg Magick

Ostara Magick

When coloring eggs do you make special eggs for family members? If you do take it one step further and add a magickal wish to the egg for them. Using the wax crayon in the egg dying kit or using a white crayon write your Ostara wish for your loved one on the special egg you do for them. You may write words like, prosperity, happiness, joy, or  love on their eggs. While you are writing the words take a moment to visualize how the person you are making the egg for will feel when your wish for them come true. You may also draw designs that enhance your wish for them. Use your imagination and your magic to create Ostara egg magick for family and friends.

You may also use this idea to write on a strip of paper and decorate it with symbols that represent your magickal wish. Luck could be a four-leaf clover, love could be hearts, prosperity could be $ signs. These strips of paper can be placed in plastic eggs and placed next to the persons plate at breakfast.


For your own personal Ostara Egg Magick cut out egg shapes on paper or poster board, decorate them using the colors of Ostara, or the colors that correspond with your magickal desire. Write your magickal desire on the back of your cut out egg in pen or crayon in the appropriate color for that desire, [friendship/pink, money/green] turn your egg over and decorate the front of it with colors and symbols to match your desire. Focus the entire time that you are decorating your egg on how you would feel when that desire comes true, and how it would change things for you. Place your egg on your altar until your desire comes to fruition. This may be done in your magickal circle if you feel more comfortable with that. Other wise find a quiet place and work on this, make as many colorful eggs as your need.