Beautiful pictures !


100km south-west of Tokyo lies Japans highest peak, Mount Fuji. Known for it’s symmetrical shape, this snow capped mountain attracts almost 300,000 climbers and many tourists every year.

We bought a bus tour at the train station that has options for visitors to head to various attraction areas in Japan, Mt Fuji being one if them. The more places you want to go, the more places your bus ticket is valid to stop at, the more expensive the ticket is. We had one day so we chose just this one stop.

This is where the bus took us to, the main centre in Fuji area and from here you buy another ticket that lets you hop on any bus in the Mount Fuji area at any time. Busses stop running at 5pm.


We had early lunch at this restaurant, food was nice and warm and most of all delicious! This…

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