Snow Day

This is my backyard today we had 8 inches of snow overnight. It was wet heavy snow that brought down tree branches on power lines. That being said I have no power at the moment. Not sure how long I will be without power so will be away from my computer and my blog until … Continue reading Snow Day

Winter Morn at Pemaquid Point

Winter in Maine is both a magical and arduous season. While the cold can be bitter and yes, even deadly, Maine’s natural beauty shines even in the winter, especially after a fresh blanket of snow has fallen. This winter, I have found myself photographing in temperatures as low as -14°F (with a wind chill of […] … Continue reading Winter Morn at Pemaquid Point


Thousands of tulips got under snow on the biggest tulip farm in Moldova. In the middle of April tens thousands tulips started blooming and next day an anomalous April snow fell out. via Beautiful Photos of Thousands of Tulips Under Snow — ALK3R


Hopefully the daffodils are tougher than I am, photo by Bill Dolak Bill took this shot yesterday at Celery Flats Park in Portage where it got down into the teens the night before. View the photo background bigilicious and see more in his Portage, Michigan slideshow. More spring wallpaper on Michigan in Pictures. via Michigan Tough: … Continue reading MICHIGAN TOUGH: DAFFODIL EDITION

Exploring Fire Lookouts with Huskie

In the arctic, huskies would sleep with the women and children to keep them warm and the number of dogs depended on how cold the night was. It was definitely a two-dog night in the lookout. via Exploring Fire Lookouts with Huskies — Ruffwear Blog | News, Events & Adventures