Toasted Coconut, Pecan & Cinnamon Butter

This combine several of my favorites, has to be yummy.

Something Clean Something Green

Inspiration from this comes from my discovery in Amelia Freer’s new book ‘Cook. Nourish Glow’ that you can make coconut butter simply with dessicated coconut! I love anything deceptively simple yet unexpectedly delicious (see my Red Grape & Rosewater Sorbet recipe for a prime example!), so this led me to create my own version totally from scratch. Maple, pecan & cinnamon are amazing bedfellows, and all combined together makes something so incredibly more-ish that I sat and ate most of it in one sitting! But when you make this you must be patient! Accept that it will look like unpromising, brown sand for a while, but the released oils from the coconut and pecans, as well as the coconut oil itself will make the mixture magically thicken into a thick, spreadable consistency. It’s amazing spread on fresh fruit & toast, liberally spooned over porridge, or just eaten by itself with…

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