Yule Fillable Ornament Magick

Yule Fillable Ornament Magick

Yule Fillable Ornament Magick

Fillable Ornament Magick for gift giving or hanging on your own tree.

This time of year we are putting up decorations for the Yule or Christmas holiday. Why not make a special ornament this Yule.

You will need  fillable glass or plastic ornament and ribbon.

You will also need a pen or marker to write on your ornament[ Green, red, gold, silver, blue or white]

Do you have a special wish for your family or your self?

Here are some ideas for your fillable ornament magick:

Protection=pine, cedar, cinnamon, cranberry, fir, any combination of these will look good in an fillable ornament and may be charged to protect your home or an individual. Use your pen to add the date and year to complete this as a gift or an ornament for your own tree or altar.

Prosperity= nuts, pine, pine cones, all evergreens, balsam fir, cinnamon,  colors green and gold

Success= cinnamon, basil, oak,

You may add words to your ornament or inside your ornament as well as pictures to represent your desire or intent  These are just a few ideas for a fillable ornament. Your ornament should reflect you and your magick. It would also be nice to find the things that you wish to use in your own yard or during a walk through nature. It is acceptable to add stones to this if you so desire. When your ornament is filled, place the two halves together and glue with craft glue if using a plastic two piece ornament, if using a glass ornament simply pop the top back on. Place a ribbon tie through the hanger and  hang your ornament on your Yule tree or place it on your Altar.

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