Yule Gift Guide

Yule Gift Guide

Yule is round the corner heralding in the gift giving season. Find out what to give the witch, wizard or witchling in your family this Yule with Ravenhawks’ Yule Gift Guide.

Yule Gift GuideCandle Making Kit

Candles to magic users are like plum pudding to Yule – the two go hand-in-hand. But instead of giving a scented candle to the magic user this Yule, how about opting for a candle making kit instead. Magic users get to extend their creative abilities with a DIY candle to use in their magic circle. Check out the soy candle making kits at Candles and Supplies which range from votive making kits to pillar candle making kits. http://www.candlesandsupplies.net/Candle-Making/Starter-Kits

Wooden WandsYule Gift Guide

New Year signals a time for newness in all aspects of life. A wooden wand is a perfect Yule gift for the magic user to mark the start of new beginnings and a magical year. Different trees have different magical properties. So be sure to match those properties to that which resonates with the person you are buying for, which will make your gift all the more special and a perfect match for the recipient. For instance, oak symbolises strength and power, while cedar wood is used to cleanse, heal and protect. Alivan’s stock a good range of wands suitable for all budgets. http://www.alivans.com/custom/web/list.asp?c=21501

Yule Gift GuideTibetan incense burner

Tibetan incense burners make fine additions to any altar – not only from a practical point of view for burning incense on charcoal discs, but also as ornate pieces of art. The Tibetan incense burners come in various styles. There are the silver carved lotus leaf designs for a vintage look, or if you are looking for an incense stick box and holder, check out the antique rectangular-shaped boxes featuring mantras carved on to silver. You can find traditional Tibetan incense burners and incense holders on eBay and Etsy.

Homemade Rune SetYule Gift Guide

Gift giving is always a pleasure but when you want to go the extra mile, there’s a whole lot more love, energy, power and magic that goes in to making gifts for loved ones. Get creative by making a Rune Set for the psychic in your life. A good place to start is by buying circular of oval pieces of oak wood, for instance, and write the Rune symbols on them with a black marker pen. Or even better, if you are close to nature, pick up your own pieces of wood and use a Dremel tool to carve them into shapes, then add your calligraphic art to draw the Rune symbols.

For those who are a dab hand at using crafts tools, another idea is to find out which gemstone resonates with the psychic in your life and buy palm-stone shaped gemstones, and use an implement to carve the symbols into them. It’s a tad more expensive than the wood option, but an equally beautiful and special gift to the gemstone lover.

Yule Gift GuideThe Gummy Bear Tarot

Develop your child’s intuitive awareness and psychic abilities with The Gummy Bear Tarot. Substitute the traditional Rider-Waite tarot characters with Gummy Bears and you get The Gummy Bear Tarot. The delightful gummy bears wield their wands, cast their spells and offer their guidance in this 78-card deck. Created by artist, Dietmar Bittrich otherwise known as “The Gummy Bear Oracle”, this deck is aimed at adults with a sense of fun, but given that the chewy sweet ones appeal to all ages, this is a delightful way to introduce your children to the tarot and hone their psychic abilities. You the parent or gift giver can also apply your storytelling capabilities and understanding of the tarot by conjuring up stories about The Fool and his walk through life, which will plant that psychic seed in your kids whilst raising their awareness of the tarot and its meanings. Available from Amazon and other retailers.

Soapstone Tarot BoxYule Gift Guide

Looking for something unique and different to store your magic user’s tarot deck in? Draw-string pouches in various materials may be a norm, but how about a soapstone tarot box? Soapstone creates a positive energy and exerts a calming influence on the person using it. A perfect gift for psychics, soapstone is also said to open pathways between the physical plane and other planes of existence – for both sending and receiving. There are many different styles of soapstone tarot boxes to choose from – from the engraved and hand-painted pentacle boxes to the natural ones that are simply engraved. Soapstone Tarot Boxes can be found on eBay, Amazon and independent retailers online.

Yule Gift GuideNational Geographic Kids Everything Rocks and Minerals: Dazzling Gems of Photos and Info That Will Rock Your World by Steve Tomecek

Pass on your love of gems and rocks to your children with “National Geographic Kids Everything Rocks and Minerals: Dazzling Gems of Photos and Info That Will Rock Your World” by Steve Tomecek. This fun and fascinating introduction to geology explains how rocks form, what kinds of rocks there are in the world, how to find different kinds of rocks, and how to identify them. There’s also anecdotes from geologists, earth scientists and explorers to keep rock-crazy kids engaged. Available from Amazon and other retailers.

The Element Encyclopedia of Magical Creatures: The Ultimate A-Z of Fantastic Beings From Myth and Magic by John Yule Gift GuideMatthews and Caitlin Matthews

The Element Encyclopedia of Magical Creatures: The Ultimate A-Z of Fantastic Beings From Myth and Magic is a great reference book for the whole family across the generations. Authors John Matthews and Caitlin Matthews pay homage to magical creatures, both familiar and rare, from Chinese dragons to Norwegian sea monsters, banshees to griffins, and cherufes to lampaluguas. A gift that will be going round the table over Yule and the source of many Yuletide chats as you tuck into dinner. Available from Amazon and other retailers.

Yule Gift Guide
Rosemary wreath decorated with borage flowers and lady’s mantle, close-up

Magical protection wreaths

What better gift to give over the holiday season than a magical protection wreath. Wherever you are spending the holiday season – be it in your own home or if you are going round to someone’s home – honor the space by giving the household dwellers or hosts a magical protection wreath. Make your own wreath using magical items known for their protection properties including mandrake, holly, mistletoe and snapdragon. Wreaths can be hung on the outside door of any home to designate the space sacred and protected, warding off any uninvited guests over the holiday season and beyond.

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