The Star

The Star

The Star

The Star is a card full of optimism, promise, hope and faith. There is a large, yellow star shining brightly overhead which feels to be lighting the path before us and showing us the way to our full potential.

If you draw  The Star in a tarot reading about your career then it could indicate that you’re ready to make a move and are longing for more fulfilling work that reflects more of who you really are. If you’re feeling stagnated, under-achieving, or like you’re stuck in a routine job with no sense of fulfilment then it may be time for you to move on. It suggests that a new opportunity is there for you – whether in a different role or department where you currently are or a new job entirely. If you’re self-employed then it encourages you to keep focused on the positive and to expect things to pick up and move forwards how you’d like. The important thing is to look at what’s meaningful for you in your work and as you put your attention on that then you will find that doors start opening.

In matters of romance and relationships then The Star gives you hope. Perhaps you’d really like to be in a relationship but it feels like you never meet the right person. If this is the case then don’t give up or believe this; instead keep positive and know that this will help bring them forward into your life. Trust that there is someone for you and that they’re there on the horizon, just waiting to materialise into your world. “The Star” suggests that not only is a new romance possible right now but one with someone special where you find everything just clicks and slots into place. If you’re already in a relationship and are, or have been, experiencing difficulties, then it suggests that positive changes are possible. So even if you think that things are impossible between you then don’t lose heart or let negativity take over but re-examine your commitment to each other and know that change can occur.

With financial and material matters then The Star card again suggests a positive outcome. It may be that you’re waiting for a loan to be approved to buy a house or organizing finances for a car or to invest in your business. Whatever the specifics, then it suggests that you’ll have the means to do it and that things work out better than you expect.

The Star in a reversed position shows some kind of blockage to our dreams and fulfillment. It’s a sign of disappointment, discouragement, lack of enthusiasm, un-fulfillment or disconnection. So if you get this card in a reversed position then look at what’s making you feel that way. Perhaps you don’t feel good enough or feel that your dreams are unobtainable or you don’t have the time or the skills or the money to do what you’d like. It may be that you’re not able to see yourself as you truly are and see yourself as lacking in some way. You may get The Star reversed when you don’t believe, may have had your hopes dashed and may have given up on things happening. So take a closer look, and make sure that you’re not buying into illusion and take a different perspective. It could be a kind of test of faith or dark night of the soul and you just need to dig deep and understand that it’s temporary rather than a permanent reality. How you see things and what you believe is reflected back at you in your life so if you don’t like what you’re seeing then see if there is some internal shift in thinking and perception you can make that will assist you.

Whether in the upright or reversed position The Star wants us to embrace our destiny, shine our light into the world and be all of who we truly are and encourages us to make that our reality. “The Star” indicates everything working as it should – things flowing and moving in a positive direction and coming together. It suggests that you’re on the right path and so to keep positive thoughts and believe in your goals and have confidence in them materializing. Your plans are ready to bear fruit so keep taking the steps you need to and remain optimistic and this will help improve your prospects of success. The young woman in the card has one foot in the water which is about going within and connecting to our intuition, inspiration and creativity and one foot on the bank of the water which represents the outer and practical world and taking action. Both are needed in order to manifest what is needed.

The Star” is a card which guides you gently to your destination and where you’re meant to be. It’s about letting go of what doesn’t belong to you and doesn’t help you – which could be beliefs, old hurts, resentments, doubts, fears, relationships, physical situations such as work – and embrace the new which more accurately reflects and honours who you truly are. This card encourages you and urges you forwards to a better future, to a life of meaning, purpose, inspiration – to reach for your highest potential and doing what you were born to do. It asks you to believe in yourself and to trust and have faith and know that a new cycle is ready to begin in your life. The energy is of profound peace, a sense of calm, harmony, balance and things flowing.

When you wish upon a star….your dreams come true!

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