Flower and Herb Syrup

Flower and Herb Syrup

Flower and Herb Syrup for sore throats and as a tasty addition to drinks and desserts

I try to keep a pot of  the below flowers blooming in my house most of the year, I know not everyone keeps live flowers in their homes year round but I tend to keeps herbs and as many beneficial plants alive in the house as I can. My miniature rose bushes bloom  a couple of times between now and spring indoors. My marigolds last long enough to get the flowers needed for the syrup below, and like the rose bushes my geraniums put on a flowery show a couple of time during the winter months. However if you have access to a green house that grows organic plants then you can still create these syrups now. My favorite is the peppermint syrup and the rose. I also prefer honey to sugar in my syrup. To give it a bit of a medicinal boost and to add to the shelf life you can add 1 part brandy to 3 parts syrup.  You may experiment with what you like and add to meet your taste.


Flower and Herb Syrup Flower and Herb Syrup Flower and Herb Syrup Flower and Herb Syrup






Flower and Herb Syrup 
These syrups can be drizzled on top of dessert as toppings, spooned into tea or hot toddies, and as remedies to ease sore throats and help digestion. Rose syrup for sore throats and peppermint for indigestion.
Flowers or herbs to fill a pint jar
5 drops of essential oil[essential oil should match the flower you are using]
16 oz of sugar or honey
2 1/2 cups of water
Add you flowers [freshly picked, organic, pesticide free] to the water bring to a boil. Turn down the heat and simmer for 10 minutes. Leave to cool for 10 more minutes, strain and top up the water level to reach 2 1/2 cups. Heat the sugar/honey and water together slowly stirring until the mixture thickens , the longer it cooks the thicker the syrup. Add to the syrup the essential oil and a few more flowers for effect. [match your flower with your oil]. Pour into jars and label. Store in the refrigerator, where it will last for up to six months.[Keep this recipe for summer but if you have access to a green house it is possible to prepare these now.]
For sore throats Rose, Marigold, And Geranium syrup are all very useful, they can be given by the spoonful [1 teaspoon], or in a glass of warm water to  gargle with, or added to tea. Use three times a day. You might also try ginger as a flavor, it is warming, and with honey soothing for scratchy throat.
Oil blend to use in addition to the syrup or alone. Lavender 10 drops, tea tree 15 drops, ginger 5 drops, lemon 2 drops, mix and place 4 drops on a warm compress applied to the throat to assist with sore throats.

Resources: The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy by Valerie Ann Worwood


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