The Wild Hunt

Wild Hunt

Wild Hunt

Tonight the hunt rides, Gwyn ap Nudd and his hounds hunting the souls who belong in his world, he is accompanied by the Great Mother in her guise as the White Lady and The Great Father in his guise as Herne The Hunter. The hunt has been missing from this reality for over a hundred years. There is much to do tonight as the hunt rides the winds of time. I listen as the wind howls past my house blowing so hard that it causes even the inner doors to rattle. This is not a night to be out. When the hunt rides it is wise to be inside. It is a beautiful night the moon though not full is lighting the night sky. If you listen closely you will hear the howling of the hunt thinly disguised this night by the howling of the wind as they ride by.

Tonight is a special hunt the souls that belong to Gwyn ap Nudd’s realm has wandered this level unchecked because their home has been overrun by entities from a dark and desolate place. They forced those who lived in the underworld to the surface and took over their realm because it allowed them easy access to Gaia.
Tonight the reclaiming of this reality and the underworld begins those who do not belong to Gwynn ap Nudd’s realm and this realm will be hunted through the night not allowed to rest or to hide, they will be found no matter where they are and chased from this realm and the under world, it will be quite a ride. The Great Father and The Great Mother joins this night’s hunt to push the interlopers from their realms into the nowhere and the no when. The hooves of the three great steeds two black as the night and one a winter white strike sparks from the earth as the hounds surge about their hooves they wait restlessly for the hunt to begin.

A rider approaches, he sits his prancing snorting beast defiantly, many unnameable things surge about him and his horse. As he approaches the horses cease to prance and the hounds cease to dance about their hooves. The defiant rider halts as he sees the three riders awaiting his approach. Gwyn Ap Nudd raises the horn that hangs at his hip to his lips and blows, a long shrill sounds shrieks from it. The defiant one wheels his horse and spurs him upward looking back over his shoulder, his surprise is clear to see as the three take to sky behind him and his horde.

The hunt is in full flight the baying of the hounds make an unforgettable sound. The unmaking of the interlopers and the destruction they have brought upon this realm and the underworld will begin this night. It will be a long night as the hunt rides the night sky, doubling back often to pick up strays, the hounds fan out once more and the chase is on, as beings of evil realize they are no match for the hunt. They flee shrieking before the hunt, even the most powerful of evil entity will run tonight or be destroyed. Those that are caught by the hounds are torn to shreds. They look back over their shoulders as they run filled with dread. It is usually they who bring the fear and despair wherever they go but not tonight.
Tonight they stink of fear as they run for their lives. Unlike the inhabitants of the underworld whose souls are immortal if one of these of chaotic evil is caught he is done, destroyed forever and this is what they fear. They are pushed across the night by the light of the Great Mother and the Great Father. The baying of the hounds change as a being of chaotic evil try to join those who belong to Gwyn Ap Nudd’s realm, it is surrounded and herded into the press of fleeing evil, howling it’s anger and fear. A minor distraction only, the hunt rides on into the night.

The Winds of Time move slowly tonight as they are controlled by the Great Mother and there is much to do. Do not despair if this night seem overly long to you, it is much longer for those who are being hunted. Tonight is a true Samhain. The Crone rides this night as does the Winter King and the King of the Underworld. Before them they drive all that is frightful, harmful,  and destructive  into the nowhere and the no when. Beware if your intent is to harm the children of Gaia or to harm Gaia. Beware if you aren’t fair with the children of the Great Mother, for the next hunt may find you trying to keep a step ahead of it. It is not just about souls who have strayed too long from the other worlds it is about those who don’t belong. You know who you are, you know that you have gone to far. The fates of this realm hang in the balance and the battle has raged long and it has been an unfair fight until tonight.
I brace myself as my steed is swept along with the racing pack surging around it front and back. This is no place for a mortal soul but one does not disdain an invitation from the Lord and The Lady. I look down, there is no ground there is only clouds and the surging bodies of the hounds. A voice speaks calmly in my head “have no fear, for you will wake in your own bed”. Remember this night and tell the tale and tell it well. “The Lord and Lady have returned to Gaia to restore the balance. Love balances hate, Light balances dark, action balances rest, the male the female, and truth balance lies. The God balances the Goddess and thus Gaia is balanced”. Tell them this my child the voice of the Lady said. The Lord looked back at me and soft music filled my head, my steed was gone, I thought to scream but awoke hugging my pillow, it was only a dream. But wait there is a slim wand of willow beside my pillow and the light of the moon falls on a silver band that still grace my hand. These gifts they had said you will need to ride upon a faery steed. Perhaps not a dream after all.

By Dyanna Wyndesong;This was written on Samhain night in 2006 while living in Ynys Môn.